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Sunday, May 13, 2012

TIRUCHIRAPALLI: Aiming to encourage public to follow environment-friendly solid waste management practices and end open defecation, a Zero Waste Toilet System (ZWTS), claiming to be the first in the country, was inaugurated on Friday.

The integrated urine diversion biogas linked flush toilet system was inaugurated in Evoor village near Musiri by district collector Jayashree Muralidharan. The collector said the government was giving top priority to liquid and solid waste management and wanted the public to end open defecation practices and follow environmentally-friendly solid waste management.

She said that in the past three months, 358 women sanitary complexes were renovated at a cost of Rs 10 crore and handed over to SHG groups for maintenance.

M. Subburaman, director, SCOPE, said the first ZWTS in the country was initiated and constructed by them in the house of Thalapathy, a progressive farmer of Evoor Village, at a cost of Rs 37,000.

The ZWTS has five modules: a flush-out toilet, a bathroom, a urine diversion bowl, a cultivated wetland for treating bathroom water and a biogas plant. The user-friendly ZWTS provided the family with urine for irrigating the farm, biogas for cooking and slurry from the biogas unit which was excellent manure, he said.

All the waste was converted to environmentally useful products said A. James, water and sanitation consultant, Delhi.

G Anand, Solution Centre, Cochin, said the ZWTS was the entry of Benjamin Clouet and won the first prize in the international sanitation innovation contest organised by 'Finish,' Delhi.


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