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Monday, May 14, 2012

poultry waste biogas plant
In a rare initiative, a farmer of Haryana, Ramehar Singh of Silani village in Jhajjar district, has installed a 50-KW capacity poultry litter-based biogas power plant at his poultry farm using poultry waste as feed material.
Showing the way to other farmers by his enterprise by running his 65 KVA (50-KW) biogas plant for 14 hours a day for the last three months, this self-reliant farmer now saves about `1 lakh per month. Confident of meeting his power needs, he has got his state electricity board connection disconnected.
Mr Ramehar Singh has been running poultry farm for 20 years on power supplied by state electricity board and on a diesel genset and paying monthly charges of `45,000 apart from diesel bill of `1.2 lakhs every month. However, after the installation of power plant he does not pay any electricity bill and his diesel cost has been reduced by half. Mr Singh’s initiative to convert litter into fuel for power plant has helped him save about `1 lakh every month. He installed three biogas digesters of 85 CUM each at the cost of `30.3 lakhs.
Keeping in view the success of litter-based power plant and available potential in the state, the state government has organised a one-day visit of about 100 poultry farm owners from various districts last week to the farm of Ramehar Singh for first-hand experience of power generation from poultry litter and to enable them to gain from Mr Singh’s experience.
As per government information, there are about 30 million poultry heads in Haryana.


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