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Friday, March 2, 2012

Types of Anaerobic Digesters Biogas Plant

Anaerobic digesters are capable of treating insoluble wastes and soluble waste-waters. Insoluble wastes such as particulate and colloidal organics are considered to be high-strength wastes and require lengthy digestion periods for hydrolysis and solubilization. Digester retention times of at least 10–20 days are typical for high-strength wastes. High-rate anaerobic digesters are used for the treatment of soluble wastewaters. Because these wastewaters do not require hydrolysis and solubilization of wastes, much faster rates of treatment are obtained. High-rate anaerobic digesters usually have retention times of less than 8 hours.
High-strength wastes are usually treated in suspended growth systems, whereas soluble wastewaters are usually treated in fixed-film systems. Several anaerobic digester processes and configurations are available for the treatment of insoluble wastes and soluble wastewaters . Each configuration impacts solids retention time (SRT) and hydraulic retention time (HRT). Minimal HRT is desired to reduce digester volume and capital costs. Maximal SRT is desired to achieve process stability and minimal sludge production Readmore


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