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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Biogas changing lives in Nyagatare Rwanda
solving the energy problem in Nyagatare district, the government for the past few years encouraged residents to use biogas.

Following a tour a made by rwandaenergy.com, Nyagatare Residents had a lot of success stories about Biogas;

Ngarambe Sylvère a resident of Karangazi sector, Nyagatare district says that “I am much grateful of biogas’ advantages. Biogas lefts everything clean, from your toilet whose waste is harnessed to kitchen and main houses’ rooms that are left without smoke.”
“Ever since I began using biogas, I have never painted my house again, yet before when I still used paraffin lamps, I painted quite often not to mention the hiking prices of paraffin and firewood.” Explains Ngarambe

Rwasamirira Tharcisse a worker at Practical Action (a government project meant to produce modern charcoal stoves) attributed part of the recommendable less deforestation to biogas.

“Biogas is a clean source of energy as it hardly tampers with forests or the ozone layer. If biogas plants are constructed across the whole district, there is no doubt a reasonable positive impact to be expected on both farm produce and over all living standards” said Rwasamirira

Engineer Habayo Sinibagiwe Juvenal a ministry of infrastructure worker stationed in Nyagatare lists down mostly secondary schools as their main concentration of constructing biogas tanks.

“Nyagatare, SOPEM Rukomo and ETP Nyarurema secondary schools some of the schools where biogas tanks are currently being constructed but with plans of shifting to more other schools.” Adds Engineer Habayo


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