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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

 An eco-friendly method to treat garbage may soon come your way

KOCHI: Will there ever be a Kerala where each home is self-sufficient in dealing with its own garbage?
Kerala Sasthra Sahithya Parishad (KSSP) dreams so. KSSP which evicted smoke from many a Kerala kitchen through its revolutionary, low cost, smokeless ovens, is now coming out with another 'package', a unit that can treat all kitchen waste produced in a house and turn it into biogas which can be used for cooking purposes.
The biogas plant which was developed at the Integrated rural technology centre (IRTC), the research and training centre of KSSP, has been designed in such a manner that it is light and can be moved around easily.
The 500-litre capacity plant, according to KSSP, can produce biogas that lasts for over one and a half hours every day.
Priced at Rs 12,000, the plant comes with the full guarantee of KSSP and is expected to take care of kitchen waste produced in an average Malayalee house.
"Three to four kilograms of kitchen waste can be deposited along with water in the plant, and it would help generation of nearly two hours of biogas every day. Made of fibre reinforced plastic, it would last for many years," said VG Gopinathan, registrar, IRTC.
He said that the biogas plant comes with a burner and a PVC hose for the gas to pass from plant to the stove.
"KSSP would take care of installation and would demonstrate its function to the customer. Besides kitchen waste, the plant is suitable to produce gas from water produced during rubber sheet processing and from animal faecal waste. The residue collected from the plant is a good bio-manure," he said.
As waste management remains a big issue in the state, this unit would be helpful in making every house self-sufficient as far as the garbage disposal is concerned, he said.
"Treating waste in houses would reduce the load at garbage dumping yards and would help keep our water bodies and public spaces clean," he added.


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