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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

How to Fill Biogas in to cylinder?
You have to cap your biogas generator so that you can contain the biogas first of all. It has to be absolutely air tight so no oxygen can mix with it. You didn't mention what volumes of gas you are generating or methane percentage, but if it is anything close to a 1000 m^3 a day or more, it would be good to invest in a natural gas compressor. You can't use a air compressor because the piston rings aren't tight enough to assure that no air mixes with the biogas. A natural gas compressor has sealed pistons or bladders and a detection to insure that air isn't mixed with gas. Plus the compressor can compress to much higher pressures than a air compressor typically does so you can fill your cylinders to several thousand psi

It is of prime safety importance to make sure air and biogas aren't compressed together. The results are the making of a bomb that could be catastrophic.

When you collect biogas in sealed container you also need a pressure regulator that is linked to the compressor and set that the compressor only comes on when there is a slight positive pressure in your biogas collector chamber (could be as simple as a impervious plastic sheet sealed overtop your biogas generator or even a truck or earthmover tire inner tube)

The compressor is signaled to turn on with a relay switch from the pressure regulator , for example, when the pressure is 0.5 psi over ambient and switch off when pressure falls to 0.1 psi


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