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Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Authors: Prof. Eng. Joaquin Perez Diaz (PhD) *, Mulallira Bwanika**, Vianney Tumwesige***

*Department of Chemistry and Food Processing Technology, Faculty of Science.Kyambogo University, Uganda. E-mail: joaquin.perez@infomed.sld.cu** Transport Officer, Kyambogo University. E-mail: jbwanika04@yahoo.co.uk*** Former student at Kyambogo University with a Bsc. in Food Processing and
technology E-mail: trustvianney@gmail.com


The study was conducted in Laboratory (former rat house, biology department),Kyambogo University in 2008. Biogas refers to a gas made from anaerobic digestion of agricultural and animal waste. The gas is useful as a fuel substitute for firewood, dung, agricultural residues, petrol, diesel, and electricity. The cost of energy (electricity, firewood and LPG) in Kyambogo University is of heavy charge to the University budget, the bigger part corresponding to the LPG balloon for cooking. The objective of this work was to produce biogas in a Compact Water Plastic Tank with a Dome Fixed, using different organic waste from the kitchen in Kyambogo University. It was realized through the Observation and Experimental Test using 500 ml bottles the
rate of gas produced and retention time (with 24 hour biogas was produced). Fermentation of individual kitchen waste was done and cabbage leaves produces more gas after day 1 but on day 3, cooked posho had more gas. In phase two, a mixture of different kitchen waste was elaborated and later fermented, a mixture of cabbage leaves, matooke peelings and cooked posho had more gas after 24 hours.
In the experimental pilot and scale up tank, the formula was fermented and the 3 different types of digesters were tested, the old system with different inlet and outlet worked first, that is to say, the outlet system was able to let out the sludge. The other 2 news systems never let out the sludge due to the gas escape. The designs for the different kitchens in Kyambogo University were obtained and they will be implemented when the university administration supports implementation process.

KEYWORDS: Biogas; Kitchen waste; Anaerobic digestion, fermentation.

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