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Sunday, January 1, 2012

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The picturesque Kariavattom campus of the Kerala University that houses more than 30 departments would soon put an end to its garbage problems. And so will the Kerala University Palayam office, which too has a large campus.
At both places, biogas plants would come up shortly to treat waste; the Kerala University Syndicate meeting has given the go-ahead for this.   The Kariavattom university campus and its premises are eyed by many as a convenient place to dump garbage. The campus itself houses departments, quarters, labs and, above all, a huge number of trees, resulting in biowaste and plant waste respectively. So far, the University has been either burning the garbage inside the campus or making pits on the compound. But the new developments over the garbage issue in Thiruvananthapuram have forced the University to think in the lines of setting up biowaste plants. The plant would come to the help of the residents of the quarters. The fact that it is some 15 km out of the city centre has not kept it any safe from garbage. A bustling IT industry nearby, the sprouting flats in the area and the growing population on the outskirts have added to the garbage heaps on the University premises.  In Palayam, the University campus is visited by hundreds on a daily basis, while a large number of employees are also staffed there. The staff here is in favour of a proper solid waste management mechanism. It is in this context that a mini plant was recommended for the Palayam office too, a University official said. Steps would soon be taken to install the plants, the official said.


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