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Sunday, December 18, 2011

The country is expected to see a surge of biogas plants in next five years as initiatives have been taken to set up 150,000 such plants in rural households by 2016, promoters of renewable energy said on Sunday.

“We have set a target to establish a million units of biogas plants in 15 countries of Asia, where Bangladesh would set up 150,000 plants in rural areas by 2016,” Dr Govind Raj Pokharel, senior advisor for renewable energy of the Netherlands Development Organization (SNV), told journalists at a press conference in the city.

Dr Govind Raj said south Asia has a big prospect to popularise biogas, a gas generated from organic substances through decomposition under aerobic conditions, and ensure a better living standard of the rural households. He said the biogas plants could be set up at any households who generate 30kg of cow dung or poultry excreta everyday.

Sources with the Infrastructure Development Company Limited (IDCOL), which has made an arrangement with German KFW and Dutch SNV to set up more biogas plants across the country, said Bangladesh has now an estimated 50,000 biogas plants, much of which had gone dysfunctional at the beginning. But the plants that have been set up later have shown an efficiency of 85 percent.

In initial survey of IDCOL show that biogas plants could be set up among two million rural households and meet their long demand for clean energy for domestic uses-cooking and lighting. But aspects like lack of proper motivation, appropriate technology, rising cost for plants as well as availability of cow-dung and poultry excreta have been barring the sector to flourish at mass scale.

IDCOL’s Director SM Formanul Islam said the biogas plants could be a great solution for those rural households, who want to cook food by clean energy sources and reduce indoor pollutions. He said a biogas plant now costs over Tk 35,000, but the costs could be recovered in three years. —BSS


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